The Brief

“Make Tia Maria exciting!” that was the essence of the initial brief that was set. We were given the task of creating a bespoke Beat Box that also doubled as a cocktail training kit. The beat box device was specifically chosen as a nod to one of the icons of the brand’s golden era. The intention was to evoke fond nostalgia and enthuse new engagement.

The Process

We reviewed materials, mechanics and logistical challenges of the brief. How would we fit all of the required contents into a compact and portable unit? How would functioning speakers fit into the unit and how would we power them? How can we maintain acoustic integrity? How can we add even more ‘WOW factor’? All of these questions and many more besides were considered in the initial brief evaluation.

One phrase from the brief stood out and shaped our attitude for the rest of the project – “Badass!” This key phrase became the reference point that we kept checking back to throughout to ensure we were still on brief.

We moved onto creating detailed renders for client approval and then progressed to production. There were a number of problems to work through and solve in order to balance form and function. The arrangement of the internal content, the electrics of the speaker and LED system, not to mention challenges around matching voltages to maintain a single power source, all required a huge amount of thought and consideration.

Tia Maria Boom Box Custom Barware

The Result

The end result has incredible impact and certainly created a stir in the trade. As for that one core objective that we aimed to meet above all others of creating something “Badass”? Well, take a look (or better yet, take a listen too) and decide for yourself…

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