The Brief

We Are Creation and Wild Turkey have enjoyed a successful partnership for a number of years. Each year Wild Turkey look to create new and increasingly creative POS and bar tools and We Are Creation have always enjoyed rising to the challenge!

The Process

Wild Turkey offers plenty of opportunities for creative and original concepts. From its unique feathered figurehead to its extra deep barrel char (number 4 ‘Alligator char’) and its rich palette of brand materials, there’s lots for a creative team such as ours to work with. Over the years we have developed a range of pieces including custom made leather aprons, die-cast turkey cocktail picks, Bird cage bottle glorifiers and turkey claw ice tongs to name just a few. Many of the items have been so well received that they have been reordered in subsequent years. Examples of such pieces are the distressed wooden bottle holders and bar runners, and the ‘Farm Kits’ which are sets of branded high-end bar tools, beautifully presented in bespoke made wooden crates with hinged lids featuring mesh inlay.

This year’s creations have been more eccentric than ever! We’ve pushed the boundaries yet again with POS including a turkey legs bottle glorifier and an educational/visibility piece which we’ve titled ‘The Journey of Discovery’. This mesmerising display follows a metal ball bearing along a path that charts the production of Wild Turkey Bourbon. Through the Mash & Ferment stage, into the Column Still, down to the Pot Still before arriving in the barrel. This activates an illuminated panel highlighting the unique char of their barrels and in turn triggers the ascension of the Angel’s Share (the part of the bourbon lost through evaporation). The final action of the display, of course, had to be the dispensing of a simple measure of beautiful bourbon into the waiting glass. The base beneath the glass illuminates, and the journey is complete.

Wild Turkey Fram Kit

The Results

The POS has received fantastic feedback from the client, the on-trade and consumers. These creations continue to capture attention and imaginations, and we look forward to creating even more unusual items next time!

Wild Turkey Custom Barware

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