Dead Man’s Fingers

Client Halewood International
Brand Dead Man's Fingers
Services Bottle Glorifier Point of Sale

Following the success of the Halloween print packs designed and printed by We Are Creation for Dead Man’s Fingers, Halewood International approached us to help bring one specific element of the design to life in a whole new way…

The design used across various print items featured a central image of a zombie’s hand thrusting from the ground with a bottle of Dead Man’s Fingers in its clutches. The team at Halewood were keen to explore the idea of turning this attention-grabbing image into an even more eye-catching three-dimensional feature. If we could translate the image of the zombie hand into a backbar display item, then we’d certainly have a bottle glorifier to get the brand noticed.

After considering a number of potential production approaches, we decided that the best option was to sculpt a zombie hand in a suitable pose that meant the bottle would sit comfortably in its grip. Initial sculpts were created by our talented modelmakers and then once approved by the client, casts were taken in resin before finally being given suitably creepy painted finishing touches by our artists.

The finished piece will literally stand out in any bar and ensure that zombies aren’t the only ones looking to grab a bottle! 

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